TGL 7/8 inch, 20 Foot Kinetic Recovery Rope, 28900 pounds Capacity


$65.99 $99.99

TGL 7/8 inch thick by 20 foot long kinetic recovery rope with 28,900 pound capacity. May be used in conjunction with other straps, ropes to increase length or create bridles while still having the advantage of a kinetic recovery.  Braided outer layer is strong and durable for excellent protection. Nylon inner core provides more stretch and kinetic energy to absorb shock and transfer energy for recovery. Far superior durability and performance than double braided ropes.
  • Heavy duty snatch, recovery rope with 28,900 pounds MBS
  • Rope stretches to absorb shock, then recoils to snatch the stuck vehicle with stored up kinetic energy.
  • Double braid is strong and durable for long, lifetime use.
  • All Nylon construction gives 25% stretch to store up kinetic energy.
  • Reinforced loops for extra protection.

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