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  • Soft Shackles

    1/2 inch diameter soft shackle, 20 inches in length

    UHMWP material is stronger than steel by weight

    Fast, easy, safe connections to ropes, straps and attachment points on vehicles

    45,000 pound capacity per shackle

    Soft Shackles 
  • Kinetic Recovery Rope

    • Heavy duty snatch, recovery rope with 28,900 pounds MBS
    • Rope stretches to absorb shock, then recoils to snatch the stuck vehicle with stored up kinetic energy.
    • Braid outer layer with nylon inner core is strong and durable for long lifetime use.
    • All Nylon construction gives 25% stretch to store up kinetic energy.
    Kinetic Recovery Rope 
  • Snatch Block Ring, Winch Pulley with Soft Shackle, 3" Tree Saver Strap

    • 10 ton (WLL), 4.73 inch, round snatch block.
    • Round snatch block is 6061 aviation grade, anodized aluminum.
    • For use with SYNTHETIC winch ropes only 5/16-1/2 inch.
    • Included 7/16 x 6 inch synthetic soft shackle with protective sleeve, 33,000 pound rating.
    • 3 inch 8 foot tree saver strap with 30,000 pound capacity included
    Snatch Block Ring Combo